About Me

Born in 2002, FullCercle Design Solutions (FCDS) is a freelance graphic design group of one that creates design solutions for your growing business needs. From simple logo creation to web layout design, we design branding packages that bring identity to your business and set you apart from all of the rest.


FullCercle Design Solutions purpose is to express our humble way of thinking, trustworthy ethical practices, and creative design knowledge to form a strong graphic design service organization.

The Brains Behind the Brand

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Summer is a graphic designer/ web designer with 20+ years of professional graphic design and web design experience. She has been a freelance designer parallel to her professional occupation which elevates her level of experience with both private and public sector clients.

“I have had the pleasure of designing 90% of my professional career. I’ve been afforded the opportunity to create so many amazing things from branding for a trade fair with an attendance of 5,000 participants, to designing beautiful websites for close friends with start up businesses.”

Photo of Summer

Summer Hudson

Owner, Founder

I think that FullCercle means different things to different people. If the end result means that you have achieved an aesthetically pleasing – flexible brand for your vision that invokes a sense of kind customer service and a quality product from beginning to end, then that is OK with me. You have come FullCercle.

Owner, FullCercle Design Solutions

Why Choose FCDS?

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